4-Tell transforms point-of-sale (POS) and ecommerce sales history into a normalized catalog of product data. Whether sales associates are searching for individual products to assist a customer through their path to purchase or merchandisers are accessing category and product analytics to make assortment decisions, 4-Tell’s high and low-level omnichannel insights are a merchant’s secret weapon to making optimal merchandising decisions.


Say goodbye to siloed data. Search individual products or product categories to instantly access online and offline catalog information.


Relevancy wins customer loyalty. See what products are trending with your customers based on recent purchases and view history.


Harness the power of prediction. Access similar and cross-sell items for every product in your catalog.

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Tie all your data back to the thing that matters most– your customers. Our Smart Commerce Platform works behind the scenes to weave together universal customer profiles from ecommerce, POS and CRM data, while progressively enhancing individual profiles as shoppers signal their preferences through their online browsing and purchase activity.

Real-time Behavior

Visually access the items that are currently in customer’s carts – and the products customers have recently viewed – to power contextual and seamless interactions.

Individual Insights

Give your sales and customer service teams an edge. Every customer profile displays omnichannel insights like LTV, category preferences and comprehensive purchase history.


Gain visibility into customer segments that are potential opportunities or are at-risk to produce qualified leads for your sales and marketing teams to engage.

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Nurture more profitable and lasting relationships by tailoring interactions to the individual customer. Leveraging the expertise of your sales team and our intelligent machine-learning recommendations, we give every individual the omnichannel insights and tools to create impactful, loyalty-driving customer experiences online and offline.


Powered by our Collaborative Commerce Engine, merchants can execute engaging, personalized experiences anywhere, including automatically online and manually through your in-store sales associates. Every customer profile provides merchants with predictive product recommendations that are specifically attuned to an individual’s sales history, preferences and real-time behavior.


Fuel customer and employee engagement by bringing the 1:1 in-store experience, online. Marrying their expertise and our customer profiles, sales can manually curate a board of products and publish it through the merchant’s native ecommerce platform for individual customers. Even better, we track and attribute online purchases to the sales associate that published the board.

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Measure every engagement so your team can learn from each customer interaction.  

Ecommerce Reporting

Seamlessly integrate your ecommerce data into our platform for a unified view of your online store activity.

Performance Measurement

Power your campaign strategy with detailed analytics. Drill down to page-level results to see where campaigns had the most impact and compare users who engage with 4-Tell recommendations against those who don’t to benchmark performance.

Insights & Analytics

Connect the dots between customer and product relationships to engage the right customers with the right products at the right time.

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