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consumer analytics cognitive engine buyer profile

Business Challenge:

It’s a crowded and noisy world for B2B businesses. Your prospects and potential partners are demanding speed, transparency, and actionable insights as they make considered purchases – from smart extended offers to new assortment plans.

B2B buyers are 5x more likely to engage with sales professionals who provide new insights about their business, according to a recent study of 1,500 B2B buyers from LinkedIn.

74% of these B2B buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase according to Forrester, who declared:

“This buyer dynamic changes the role of B2B marketing in a fundamental way….that’s where the prevailing knowledge about ‘today’s buyer’ will fail you. You gotta know YOUR buyer.
(Emphasis theirs – but that’s where we come in.)

Furthermore, Gartner predicts that by 2018, 70% of e-Commerce will move from differentiated B2C and B2B models. The anticipated model will focus on individual buyer experiences.

4-Tell’s Smart Commerce℠ Platform combines your people and product data to clearly show your optimized buyer profile. Finally, you can deliver a truly individualized purchase experience to your buyer.

4-Tell’s Solution

The 4-Tell Smart Commerce℠ Platform is uniquely transparent and highly extensible. Born in the B2C eCommerce space, our customers can drill into any product or buyer profile. Especially relevant, they can instantly explore underlying recommendations and relationship data. The business impact is significant – it takes into account product and buyer history.

We transform your master catalog data and individualized customer purchasing habits into a unique user experience. By doing so, we enhance every buyer interaction and deliver your customers more meaningful product decision-making abilities.

Today, we power product recommendations, inline search, faceted search, site navigation, and sales and service enablement. We deliver higher lifetime value (LTV) due to the relational nature of our products. Further, we enhance service to your customers by using the collected data from these products.

4-Tell’s Collaborative Commerce engine reveals – in dashboard and utilization data – real-time opportunities for your B2B sales team. Most noteworthy, your team can immediately deliver insights and value to every customer interaction. We tap into every customer’s product and purchase history, and use predictive analytics to deliver positive business impact. As a result, you will go into every conversation with accurate information and higher closing probability.

consumer analytics cognitive engine buyer profile