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Challenge: Create actionable insights from siloed legacy systems

Many B2B firms have the necessary data to fuel buyer-centric interactions but the data is inactionable due to siloed legacy systems. With fragmented data sets residing in separate entities, comprehensive and actionable insights can’t be surfaced to drive buyer experiences and seller’s relationship with clients.

Solution: Comprehensive machine-learning system

B2B businesses have an opportunity to capture uniquely valuable insights from buyer’s online behavior. Unlike B2C consumers who sporadically browse items and product categories, B2B buyers have high intent to buy that is directly reflective of a specific business need. This means that their patterns of browsing and purchasing online create extremely strong correlations between buyer and product relationships, creating optimal data points for our machine-learning system. By unifying data from existing systems, applying our machine-learning and tracking real-time, online behavior, 4-Tell provides rich buyer profiles, segment analytics and a unified view of your product catalog to help your salespeople drive revenue while providing an exceptional customer experience.

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Challenge: Provide knowledgeable feedback for high-consideration purchases

When buyers are searching for a new product, they will often opt out of the digital experience to get help from a skilled salesperson who can add value and expertise to a high-stakes decision. However, many new B2B sellers lack the information to adequately understand the buyer and provide valuable insight, which has led just 36% of B2B executives to believe that salespeople understand their business problems and offer clear solutions for them.

Solution: Real-time Buyer profiles

With 4-Tell’s Smart Commerce Platform, every salesperson is equipped with comprehensive buyer profiles to power every interaction. By applying our machine-learning engine to integrated online and offline transaction data, 4-Tell weaves together universal buyer profiles. While progressively enhancing our insights as buyers signal their preferences through their online activity, B2B sellers gain comprehensive transparency into buyers’ real-time behavior, preferences and purchase history – empowering every seller to engage in meaningful dialogue with every buyer.

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Challenge: Improve the digital experience for buyers

B2B buyers have intensified their expectation for digital self-service – 60% of buyers would like to avoid sales rep interactions throughout their journey and 68% of buyers prefer gathering information online on their own. This has put intense pressure on B2B businesses to transform their ecommerce sites and adopt consumer-facing technologies in order to fulfill buyer expectations.

Solution: Ecommerce product recommendations and enhanced site search

Leveraging historical sales data and the unique insights from buyers’ real-time shopping behavior, 4-Tell’s machine-learning engine provides predictive site search and personalized product bundling recommendations. With these personalized features, B2B ecommerce sites are transformed from an overwhelming digital catalog to a dynamic site of filtered and targeted product suggestions, creating opportunities for additional revenue from self-service purchases while improving the buyer’s online experience.

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Challenge: Add value early in the process

B2B buyers expect B2B sellers to add value early on in the process. But with many B2B businesses relying on legacy systems to support salespeople, many sellers don’t have the necessary machine-learning capabilities to anticipate future customer needs and add value early on in the process. Salespeople are left to sift through pages of catalog information to find products that could be of value, creating an especially big hurdle for new associates who are unfamiliar with the product catalog.

Solution: Predictive product bundling recommendations

With every buyer profile, 4-Tell empowers salespeople with product bundling suggestions and predictive search capabilities. Without having to manually sort through an entire catalog, sellers can gain visibility into a filtered portfolio of products that are specifically attune to the needs of each unique buyer. Having access to predictive, intelligent product bundle recommendations allows every salesperson to make highly sophisticated, targeted, and personalized cross-sell, gap analysis, and assortment planning suggestions early in the buying process.

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