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Challenge: Capturing a comprehensive view of customer data

Seventy-two percent of consumers say they expect businesses to understand their unique needs and expectations. Unfortunately for today’s retailers, siloed transaction data causes fragmented views of individual customers, paralyzing sales efforts to support customers as they flux between physical and digital channels.

Solution: Integrated customer profiles

Integrating point-of-sale (POS) and ecommerce sales history, 4-Tell’s Smart Commerce Platform organizes transaction data into comprehensive customer profiles and segment analytics. Accessibility into a unified source of transaction information allows your entire workforce to fluidly support customers as they bounce across the in-store and online experience.

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Challenge: Delivering a consistent, personalized experience that drives loyalty

Most brand experiences today are linear. Whether shoppers come in-store or shop online, the interactions often begin and end in that environment. Sales associates lack the tools to continue in-store customer interactions through the digital world, causing fragmented experiences that neither build loyalty nor efficiently fill the needs of the omnichannel shopper.

Solution: Bring the dialogue of 1:1 to the online world 

To effectively build customer relationships, retailers need to create a holistic experience that continually builds upon in-store interactions with sales associates. To do this, sales associates must have the ability to collaborate digitally with customers. Through 4-Tell’s Smart Commerce Platform, sales associates can manually curate product boards that are published through the native ecommerce platform for every unique, high-value customer.

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Challenge: Providing immediate, real-time service

64% of consumers said they expect companies to respond to and interact with them in real time. Merchants often lack transparency into shoppers’ real-time online behavior, making it challenging to respond to online customer requests. With no reference to their current behavior, sales and customer service lack the understanding and information to accurately respond when interaction is initiated.

Solution: Real-time insights

4-Tell allows your entire workforce to access individual items that are currently in customer’s carts – and the products customer have recently viewed – to power contextual and seamless interactions. Furthermore, customers’ real-time, online behavior is continuously fed through our expert system to optimize and enhance individual customer profiles and product insights.

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Challenge: Low employee engagement

Currently, businesses lack a pay structure that attributes online sales to sales associates who influenced the purchase through the in-store experience. This leaves associates feeling unmotivated and disengaged as customers come in-store and ultimately purchase online, often hurting the overall customer experience while also not supporting the use of digital collaboration tools that are necessary for a true omnichannel experience.

Solution: ‘Your Store’ tracking

As associates post boards for individual shoppers online, 4-Tell tracks and attributes customers’ purchases so sales associates always get credit for the sales they influence. Acquiring this capability increases overall employee engagement, creates a fluid 1:1 experience, and ultimately forgse stronger customer relationships.

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