Collaborative Commerce Engine

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consumer analytics cognitive engine

Storewide Controls

With 4-Tell’s Collaborative Commerce Engine, you have full insight into your catalog and consumer analytics. Product recommendations are always going to see the best conversion when they are able to self-optimize. But we fully understand that you have a business to run. Our Collaborative Commerce Engine gives you in-depth consumer analytics and full merchandising control. It will help you make critical decisions and meet your business initiatives. By utilizing 4-Tell’s catalog and consumer analytics, you will be targeting the right people with the right product at the right time.

Individual Product Stats and Customization

Every product in your store is tracked against your shopper profiles. 4-Tell’s Collaborative Engine thoroughly organizes product data and real-time consumer analytics to help you optimize your store – both online and physical – for maximum efficiency. Always remember, you have full control to customize. Do you have a promotion or sale coming up? Perhaps you have excess inventory to push next month? No matter the case, you can customize 4-Tell product recommendations to match your business initiatives.

Make Better Merchandising and Marketing Decisions

It is critical to know what’s resonating with your shoppers. By utilizing 4-Tell’s Collaborative Commerce Engine, you can do just that. Take a look at 4-Tell’s Collaborative Commerce Engine and see your enhanced catalog and consumer analytics. We will give you results for every product you have and every customer that has been to your site or store. Our Collaborative Engine will help you make data-driven merchandising and marketing decisions.

consumer analytics cognitive engine buyer profile
consumer analytics cognitive engine buyer profile

Detailed Consumer Analytics

The 4-Tell’s Collaborative Commerce Engine provides extensively detailed shopper profiles. It allows you a personal connection to every shopper. You’ll have lifetime information – views, purchases, and values. You will see our recommendations for the future and trends from their past and present. You will be able to categorize and target similar shoppers with data – in your store or online.