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We’re excited to announce Virid will be joining our growing list of partners. For nearly two decades, Virid has provided retailers with a packaged solution that includes software, hosting, integration support, know-how, and ongoing technology consulting.

We sat down with Virid’s Marketing team to get their input on how ecommerce merchants should prepare for this Thanksgiving weekend, where retailers are headed for 2019, and more!


As we enter the holiday season, what are a few ecommerce tips or tricks retailers should keep in mind to drive maximum website performance?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping days of the year, and no retailer is immune to the stress of the season. To ensure a smooth holiday shopping experience for customers, retailers should perform a full site experience audit–they should look out for slow load times, check that navigation and search are intuitive, and ensure that the site operates properly on mobile. Once holiday sales begin, retailers should be sure to regularly monitor social media, reviews, and questions on their site to catch any issues early, and ensure their customer service team is prepared to respond. For the full guide to holiday preparedness, check out our Ultimate eCommerce Holiday Checklist.


How important is personalization to the success of ecommerce stores? In your opinion, do you think merchants have fully personalized the online experience or are they still missing a bulk of personalization opportunities?

In today’s saturated online retail environment, it has become increasingly difficult for brands to stand out. A killer customer experience is what sets brands apart, and personalization is a huge part of that experience. Consumers today want the speed and efficiency of shopping with a big box retailer, but with the personal touch and customer service of a boutique brand, and many retailers are just now starting to take this into account when developing their eCommerce strategy. The holiday season is the most important time of the year for retailers to deliver an exceptional customer experience, and those that do will win against the competition.


What does Virid’s relationship with Microsoft mean for your customers? How does it enable you to provide merchants with more value?

Virid’s enterprise-grade eCommerce platform, marketAgility, is hosted on Microsoft Azure. Because Virid’s CEO sits on the Azure Advisory Board, Virid’s customers also get a seat at the table of the industry’s most reliable and fastest hosting service. Additionally, our Microsoft certification means that Virid is recognized for its competent, efficient use of Microsoft tools, utilities, toolkits, and training, ensuring that Virid’s customers benefit from the most current technology available in the industry.


We only have a few more weeks left in 2018. In retrospect, where do you think ecommerce merchants have missed the mark in 2018? What tools, features or ecommerce practices could they be utilizing more fully?

In 2018, many retailers struggled to embrace marketplaces as part of their strategy to acquire customers. Virid recognizes this challenge and has built custom integrations to help clients sell their products through marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

In addition to developing their marketplace strategy, retailers must also consider how to move beyond multi-channel commerce toward a true omnichannel environment. This requires robust back-office systems and processes that are capable of exchanging data efficiently, and, of course, an extensible, flexible eCommerce platform that acts as the online hub for features like viewing in-store inventory and Buy Online Pickup In-Store. For a truly optimized tech stack, retailers need an eCommerce partner that understands their unique business needs and can integrate effectively with their existing systems (or build a custom integration to make a new system work). Before working with a new vendor, these are the questions retailers should be asking.


What are the 3 biggest reasons merchants should consider migrating to marketAgility in 2019? What are some of the biggest pain points that Virid helps retailers solve?

Virid acts as a true trusted adviser with a support model that takes a consultative approach to your eCommerce business and doesn’t just sell you software. We offer the infrastructure, the tools, the implementation and integrations, the training, and the support retailers need in a comprehensive package, leading to a more efficient operation to help customers maximize revenue, reduce total operating expenses, and minimize exposure to risk.

marketAgility helps eCommerce businesses avoid the “plug-in” culture associated with SaaS and open-source systems, by including features and best practices within its tools and a front end that eCommerce professionals have come to expect in an enterprise-level system. Virid supplements this with a robust, extensible platform that is capable of integrating with best-of-breed solutions partners.


What do you predict will be key initiatives for ecommerce managers in 2019?

Achieving true omnichannel commerce will continue to be a priority for many eCommerce managers in the new year. Retailers will need to develop a sound marketplace strategy, and also adopt a mobile-first philosophy in order to meet customers where they are. We also predict retailers will find success using highly segmented personalization to create real value for shoppers.


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