The Good is a conversion rate optimization firm helping ecommerce companies realize their full potential. They know ecommerce leaders really want a website that produces a lot more revenue from their existing traffic. In order to do that, they need to convert more of their website visitors into buyers.

Conversion Audit

The Good’s end-to-end conversion audit helps you gain a better understanding of who your highest converting customers are, what they are looking to accomplish on your website, and how you can best support their goals. This audit covers website UX, data analytics & tracking, customer acquisition, repeat conversion effectiveness, post-sale process, and more.

Conversion Growth Program™️

The Conversion Growth Program™️ is a flexible program that is customized based on the clicks and movements of your specific site visitors. The program starts with an audit to identify roadblocks, provide improvement recommendations, and a full A/B testing roadmap.

Data-Driven Redesign

Traditional redesign is risky because it relies on subjective opinions, messaging and design elements. The Good’s data-validated website design is scientific and validated by your visitor’s clicks and movements, reducing the redesign risk while improving conversions and sales.

A/B Testing & Conversion Advisory

To get a website to convert, it must be based on your visitor’s actual behavior, not just a pretty design. The Good’s A/B & Multivariate Testing services identify key areas of your website, based on your visitor’s actions, so you can improve conversions and sales right away.

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