Personalize the on-site experience to each unique customer

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Optimize the customer experience and drive more revenue, automatically. Powered by our machine-learning engine, 4-Tell’s recommendations programmatically update in real-time as shoppers signal their unique preferences through their online browsing and purchase activity.

Site-wide Flexibility

Home page, product pages, category pages, shopping cart and even error pages – 4-Tell’s recommendations can live anywhere on your ecommerce site to drive AOV, conversion and individual product discovery.

Omnichannel Experience

Website recommendations create short-term customer impact and build long-term, revenue-driving loyalty. As customers efficiently find the products aligned with their needs, their unique behavior continuously feeds our system additional customer data. This real-time data builds and refines customer profiles and product analytics, making for more targeted and rich insight that can be executed by merchants, anywhere. Ultimately, this creates a more seamless, personalized omnichannel experience for every customer.

product recommendations
product recommendations


Engage customers early and increase average order value by effortlessly guiding your customers to the products they want.

Inline Search

Leveraging the power of our machine-learning algorithm, 4-Tell’s enhanced Inline Search uses real-time consumer behavior to predictively auto-fill keywords and personalize visual search product recommendations.  Our engine auto-populates results with products matching the search term and with similar products that were ultimately purchased by customers who used the same search term.

Faceted Search

Create a customer experience that is flexible to customers current needs. 4-Tell’s Faceted Search groups products under specific headings so your customers can easily filter search results for an incredibly efficient navigation and search experience.


Because our recommendation engine is a powerful image server, we can offer merchants the option to drop our recommendation blocks into their email templates. Whether customers are receiving promotional emails, transaction emails or abandon cart emails, 4-Tell’s intelligent real-time product recommendations re-engage shoppers and reinforce a seamless and personalized customer experience.

product recommendations
product recommendations


Transcribe your brand into the context of your individual customers. 4-Tell’s ‘Your Store’ is a dynamic microsite dedicated to the unique preferences and rich history of your most valuable shoppers. Combining the power of our Collaborative Commerce Engine and your intuitive sales associates, customers can access programmatic recommendations and manually curated boards without ever having to leave the native ecommerce website. We even take personalization a step further by giving merchants the flexibility to add dynamic advertisements to every customer’s microsite.

Curated by your team

Drive loyalty with your most profitable customers by bringing the nuance of 1:1 human interaction to the online world. Sales associates can manually curate a board of personalized products through our Smart Commerce Platform and publish it to the merchant’s native ecommerce platform for individual customers.

Automated Personalization

Break through the noise of cluttered product options by only suggesting the items directly aligned with customers’ current context and preferences. 4-Tell’s Virtual Assistant – our Collaborative Commerce Engine – leverages real-time browsing and purchase activity to programmatically curate a page of products dedicated to individual customers preferences.


Today, brand transparency wins customer loyalty. Powered by our Collaborative Commerce Engine, ‘Your Store’ allows your customers to visually peer into their unique and comprehensive history with a business. Whether it’s the items they’re viewing in real-time or products they purchased 6 months ago, customers will have complete transparency into their personal activity.


Reinforce a seamless experience by capitalizing on every personalization opportunity. Maybe customers haven’t found the item’s they’re looking for. Or maybe they’re shopping for a specific occasion. Without having to navigate from their personalized page, shoppers can search for more items with 4-Tell’s Inline Search. Driven by consumers’ real-time behavior, 4-Tell’s enhanced search predictively auto-fills keywords and personalizes visual search recommendations for a seamless and personalized customer experience.

product recommendations