Put your customer at the heart of the experience.

Powered by data and machine-learning, our Smart Commerce℠ Platform gives your workforce the capability to create captivating, data-driven customer experiences across every channel.

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customer-centric experiences

Optimizing data to power customer-centric experiences

4-Tell’s Smart Commerce℠ Platform supports your workforce for the thing that matters most – building meaningful customer relationships. We have assembled our platform with the core capabilities sales, marketing and merchandisers need to build sustainable relationships with today’s omnichannel shopper.


Capturing a comprehensive view of customer and product data starts here. 4-Tell’s Smart Commerce℠ Platform seamlessly integrates transaction data from online and offline systems. Supported by a unified view of transaction data, merchants are empowered to create fluid customer-centric experiences.


We continuously feed our system real-time ecommerce data as customers signal their preferences through their online browsing and purchase activity.


Keep the data coming. 4-Tell integrates data from POS and CRM systems for holistic insights.

Complete Integration

We do all the heavy lifting. 4-Tell’s team of engineers seamlessly integrates the power of 4-Tell with your current commerce technologies.

customer-centric experiences
customer-centric experiences


Uncover insights that drive revenue growth. 4-Tell’s machine-learning algorithm enhances merchant’s transaction data by exposing critical customer and product insights.


4-Tell’s predictive algorithm ensures that merchants are always putting the right products in front of the right customers.

Real-time Insights

4-Tell’s Collaborative Commerce Engine refines insights in real-time so merchants always have the most relevant information to power customer-centric experiences.

Individual and Audience

Understand your customers at the micro and macro level. Our engine builds intelligence around individual customer behavior and your audience as a whole so your team can execute personalized campaigns at scale.


We built our platform with your workforce in mind. 4-Tell’s Smart Commerce℠ Platform organizes omnichannel insights into customer profiles and segment analytics so every member of your workforce has the accessibility to execute personalized, impactful insights.

Customer Profiles

Leverage a complete view of individual customer behavior to power fluid, engaging and personalized interactions in-store and online.


Capitalize on selling opportunities by targeting high-value customers.

Current Behavior

Merchants can access items that are currently in customer’s carts and recently viewed products to power relevant, seamless interaction.

customer-centric experiences
customer-centric experiences


Cultivate loyal customers and drive revenue by using 4-Tell’s insights to execute personalized customer-centric experiences across every channel.

Data-Driven Personalization

Automatically engage shoppers and drive sales with 4-Tell’s product recommendations and enhanced site search. With each click, shopper behavior feeds our platform with additional insights while our engine dynamically updates real-time recommendations for the most tailored product results.

Intelligent Collaboration

Leverage sales associates’ expertise and drive customer loyalty through personalized recommendation boards. Whether online through the native ecommerce platform or in-store working with a customer, sales reps now have the tools and insight to provide individualized product suggestions across any channel.