Commerce CRM



Connect the dots between customer and product relationships. Gain visibility into customer segments that are high-value or are at-risk to produce qualified leads for your sales and marketing teams to engage, while also surfacing trending products and product performance to guide data-driven merchandising decisions.


Shopper Profiles

Tie all your data back to the thing that matters most– your customers. 4-Tell unifies online and offline data to surface 360 customer profiles that reveal customers real-time online behavior, purchase history and preferences while giving customer service and sales teams an edge by surfacing real-time recommendations for each unique customer.

Product Catalog

4-Tell brings data together to give your teams visibility and insight into your complete product catalog. Supported by product search features and real-time recommendations that can be accessed for every individual product, frontline associates will always be able to provide a personalized customer experience.


2Modern Case Study

2Modern – a leading retailer of modern furniture, lighting and home accessories – is committed to a unique, compelling and personalized shopping experience for their customers and trade partners.

employee engagement

3 Ways to Fuel Employee Engagement Through Exceptional Customer Experiences

Growing up in the early 90’s, my family shopping trips largely revolved around big-box retailers, like Macy’s. In the dark ages, before product information was readily available on the Internet, we relied on brand names and a familiar sales associate face to help us find the products we needed, at an affordable price.

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